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Dell Feedback - I want to buy a tablet driven Dell THINKING CAP - venue 8 pro tablet
Dell Feedback

Dell Feedback


I want to buy a tablet driven Dell THINKING CAP - venue 8 pro tablet

I want to buy a tablet driven Dell THINKING CAP

Within five years, a high quality Thinking Cap will be sold to the public and it will transform the World not just the priviledged West. The American DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is using Thinking Caps to rapidly train snipers, drone pilots, and intelligence officers. Theres a DIY movement of 10,000 people using thinking cap technologies in their basements. A thirty-minute session with a Thinking Cap would provide a powerful cognitive boost that would last all day, even several days, improving concentration, memory and other things.

FOUR REASONS: Convenience. Effectiveness. Price. World Competitiveness.

These four reasons are going to launch a high quality Thinking Cap into sales numbers maybe bigger then the IPHONE revolution because thinking caps will quickly become a big part of the "LEARNING" arms race in school and at work AND in governments. People will feel they will have to have one to compete, but they will also like the results of when they use one. They need it AND they want it AND governments will mandate their availability for their citizens to keep competitive with the World. Win/Win/Win. ( I think Self Improvement is one of those Primal Needs sales folks say you have to have in a product for it to sell well. Thinking Cap technology fills that bill.)

World Competitiveness : THE "LEARNING" ARMS RACE IS REAL,

and it's worldwide. I once read that during the the seventies and eighties when the cold war was still ongoing and millions of american teenagers were spending thousands of hours a year playing videogames, the Russian military was worried about the cognitive advantage those teens might have when they entered the army and started shooting REAL bullets. The thinking cap brings a cognitive advantage that other governments notice and respond to. You can bet Russia, China, and all major western democracies already have their version of DARPA matching the efforts of the U.S. DARPA thinking caps.

Many governments know their armies need thinking caps to be competitive. This already exists in the many DARPA's around the world. Those same governments know, eventually, their citizens will need thinking caps to be competitive.

Plenty of parents will buy thinking caps for their teens, when they think they need them to be competitive (and they will) . That will be the beginning of sales (eventually including government subsidies for the underpriviledged) that will start slowly but accelerate upward and not reach a plateau until everyone has access worldwide (including, Africa, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Myannar, every corner of the planet). It will be education- for- world- competitiveness driven. And it will be HUGE.

Some final remarks:

Convenience: Place a plastic helmet on your head, push a software button on your smartphone and go about your day for thirty minutes. When the smartphone alerts you the session is over you wipe it down and hand it over to someone else to use.

Effectiveness: Educated guesses suggest one third will feel a significant cognitive boost (and come back for more), another third will feel a medium cognitive boost (and come back for more) and a third will feel very little cognitive boost.

Price: Likely $300, and it will drop to $200 pretty quick.

Finally, Thinking Cap research has been in the labs, in the TV news, magazines, newspapers and in the garages and basements of DIYer's for over fifteen years, and it is still apparently not on the radar of any major consumer electronics company. Regardless, it's a NEW consumer category, and it's going to spread rapidly worldwide and be HUGE. When Halo Neuroscience releases their thinking cap, and the big guys awaken, there will be lots of different high quality thinking caps from which to choose. And that's a good thing. And I can't wait. ( )

(Read Amol Sarva wired.co.uk December 2013,)


Amol Sarva is a founder of Halo Neuroscience, and they have funding from Horowitz and Andreesen, and they are one of the most important VC funding companies on planet Earth.

Thank You

Peoples Thinker Thang

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