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Dell Complaint - ZERO Support Satisfaction
Dell Complaint

Dell Complaint


ZERO Support Satisfaction

Case ID 880574153

1/3 I am Heena Shah's daughter, Shraddha. I called up Dell customer care on Monday and was told that the escalation team would call me in 24-48 hours. Since that didn't happen, I called up the customer care department again today. Not only did I wait for more than an hour, to be transferred to the wrong department thrice, when finally they transferred me to the 'correct' department, your employee hung up on me. Good job at such awful customer care service! I thought I had seen the worse, but you've proved me wrong.

I've read your customer service agreement, and everything in it is ambiguously written except the part which says 'refurbished/reconditioned' parts under local laws. I must admit, such a well crafted customer service agreement sure to give the customer as bad service as you desire to. I regret to admit that after going through such a bad experience with my own laptop, that I had to get it replaced, I even considered to buy another Dell laptop. This is absolutely ridiculous!

As I have come to understand, you replace a brand new laptop with refurbished piece, and then provide no guarantee or warranty except that you will keep replacing till the customer is fed up. But no where in your agreement has it been mentioned that the motherboard would be considered for replacement. Replacing peripheral components is understandable, I don't see your argument in replacing the motherboard or to speak in technical terms, you want to replace the 'computing' power of my 'new' laptop with a refurbished part. A new factory manufactured Dell laptop does not work seamlessly beyond 40 odd days, and you want me to accept a refurbished part in a faulty hardware? If yes, if that's what Dell accepts their customers to put up with, I might as well have it in writing so that when I am wronged again and have to complain more formally to a consumer forum or any such body, I can clarify the terms. If not, please explain Dell's justification for this kind of irresponsible service and support.

I would also appreciate if you don't make false consolations with your customer, like your customer care call centre employee tells me that he apologizes that I had to wait for an hour and be wrongly transferred to three other departments, and then hangs up on me. It's best to be honest if you don't care about your customers. That way, it's easier for the customers to be less aggravated by your terrible service.

I hope to hear from you at the earliest.

2/3Dear Mam,
Thank you for contacting Dell.

I apologize that we are not able to fulfill your request .

I would request you to allow us to replace parts on the system so that we can get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

You have not explained about the delivery of the parts without intimation and also how and who are the people who came to pick up the parts on Saturday? They came on Saturday, asking my staff to return the parts without any authority letter. Why is this management not explained?

It is Monday evening. You have swiftly let the whole working day pass and contacted at the end of the day at 5.30 pm. So there is nothing like as soon as possible.

The part replacements as per warranty terms and condition may be refurbished or reconditioned

You are not interested to satisfy a customer except keeping forth your adamant decisions. With your attitude, I am compelled to doubt if at all the purchased system had BRAND NEW PARTS. Even the new system may have refurbished and reconditioned parts. Dell has failed in the manufacturing of the present unit I have.

All the parts are thoroughly tested for any quality defects.

What quality check you are talking about? If at all company had this quality check, the present system would not have a motherboard or other parts replacement requirements. How the technical team is so expert that they can not check the defects in NEW LAPTOP but can check the refurbished/reconditioned parts to be replaced !!! This is so absurd on company's part. There is no quality check or a quality control for the new laptop supplies?

The laptop is not checked for the QUALITY DEFECTS when customers' order? There are no. of complaints on your company forum for no. of parts getting replaced . What kind of quality control is this?

We regret to inform that we will not be able to replace the unit for you since it can be resolved by replacing the faulty part in your system.

Even if it was only cooling fan or a software issue, I would have let you do the replacement. It is motherboard. which you are trying to replace that to no assurance of a new one. Mam, my XPS 14 was replaced even for a battery discharge issue after 3 months by Mr Pradeep Rao. I guess you understand, the battery is also a REPLACEABLE PART.

As discussed on Friday (9th August, 2013) as per Dell’s warranty terms and conditions, service is already initiated for the replacement of the required parts so that we can have your Dell system up and running as soon as possible however the service would only be completed with your consent.

The Dellcares on twitter promises me today that a case is taken as high priority. Refurbished/ Reconditioned/Quality Defects checked parts are not accepatable to me. I would have bought my laptop from ebay and not Dell in that case.

By repeating the same verdict again and again without addressing our each points of the mail, are you trying to make a point again that :

1. You are not going to escalate this case higher above your level?

2. As a customer, I do not have any option then to accept your solution of replacing REFURBISHED/RECONDITIONED PARTS in my NEW laptop?

3. Are you going to explain me regarding why someone came to my clinic asking to return the parts?

4. Mam, be fair in your commitments to customers for supplying quality goods. Once the sell is done, dont make a customer run around for their requests and force them to that extent that company has to PAY THE REFUND.



5. There is a separate section to purchase refurbished Dell laptops - the link to which I had added in the previous email. By suggesting a refurbished motherboard, you are suggesting I should have saved thousands of rupees and instead just bought something off there. Is that so?

I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in getting this issue resolved. You are merely wasting days on my warranty period, and then very cleverly suggest that there will be no extension on warranty beyond any form of service. What sort of company ethics dictates such reckless service?
I implore you to NOT reply with the same words and a stock response as you have in your EVERY single email. Either be more diligent and sincere in your responses, or direct us to someone who is capable of doing so. You are either deliberately harassing us by not responding to our questions or concerns, or you aren't capable of any better. Please judge for yourself, and do the needful AT THE EARLIEST. Unlike you, we don't work for Dell; and hence, have other things to attend to in our lives. I expect a reply sooner in the day, and would expect you not to keep wasting the working days and the days on the warranty period of a NON-FUNCTIONAL LAPTOP.

This is just as elaborate, patient, and clear you should and must expect a customer to be; even though you have already crossed those limits by making me repeat the same concerns in consecutive emails.
Dear Mam,

Thank you for contacting Dell.
I apologize if you are not satisfied with our answers. However we are merely stating what we can only offer you as per Dell warranty terms and condition.

We could only provide you service within limits of warranty terms.

The terms of warranty contract are not negotiable.

As per warranty terms and conditions we can offer you replacements of parts on your dell system

Warranty contacts say that we would offer repair with refurbished or reconditioned parts as per local laws

Any warranty part replacements subsequently might be refurbished and reconditioned as well

We would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have however please be advised that any discussion would not lead to replacement of system as desired by you.

I request your cooperation to allow us to the service the system as I see a service is already scheduled, for faster resolution

We value your business with Dell.
Thanks and Regards,
Sunila Bains
Senior Support Resolver
Dell | Consumer, Small and Medium Business NOW WHERE TO GO? WHAT TO DO? Does Dell have any quality ethics of a new laptop supply. They have only policy contracts for repairing with reconditioned/refurbished parts and has no policy at the time of purchase.
Its all on customers' to undergo bad work ethics.

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